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"Bonded" by Jimbo
Pairing: Gamble/Street (Jeremy Renner, Colin Farrell)
Warnings: A little nasty. Slash, bondage.

= = = = = = = = = =

Title: "Tether Ball" (200 words)

With a deft move Jim Street fastened the cuff around his ex-partner's left wrist; when the confused Gamble looked over and tried to protest, he found his right arm equally encumbered.


Street smiled grimly, watching Brian Gamble struggle to shake off sleep. "Here's the rules, starting with the things you can do."

The two sets of handcuffs fastened to the head of Gamble's bed held his muscular arms wide, posed like a naked gymnast. He seemed to only half-listen to Street as he tested their strength.

Impatient, Street continued. "You can sit up, if you try. You can probably manage to scratch your nose. You can take a p*** or a s***, if you don't mind lying in it."

Street stretched out next to Gamble. "If you want to eat or drink, you'll have to ask." He trailed his hand down a ridge of hipbone and nestled his fingertips in the mossy lawn above Gamble's inert c***. "If you want anything else, you have to beg."

"You're f**king kidding me," Gamble said, finally recognizing the seriousness of the situation.

"And here's what you can't do."

Gamble took a deep breath. "What's that, Jimbo?"

"Ever walk out on me again."

= = = = = = = = = =

Title: "Force of Nature" (100 words)

"You can't keep me like this, Jimbo."

Brian Gamble's tone was wheedling. His arms were aching, and the skin around his wrists was raw from straining against the handcuffs that had him tethered to the bed.

His former partner didn't respond. He sat across the room, feet up, chewing gum as he stared darkly at Gamble. What the f**k is he thinking, Gamble wondered, still shocked at finding himself held captive by S.W.A.T.'s straight-shooter, Jim Street.

"What do you plan to do now?" Gamble asked, wincing at a sudden pang from his equally raw anus.

Street smiled. "Take my time."

= = = = = = = = = =

Title: "There's the Rub" (100 words)

"I've got a cramp in my leg, Jimbo. Jesus, it's killing me!"

A naked Jim Street crouched on the damp mattress and kneaded the bulging quadricep, trying to ease the painful muscle spasm. He knew his ex-partner wasn't one to complain needlessly. Brian Gamble had always been fearless and stoic about everything, except, of course, going to the dentist.

"That's one hell of a kink you got there," Street said, still working on the leg.

Gamble craned his neck and looked pointedly at the handcuffs tethering him to the bed.

"I guess I could say the same for you, brother."

= = = = = = = = = =

Title: "Indefinite" (200 words)

"You're getting chafed," Jim Street said as he massaged cream into his former partner's wrist, sliding the bracelet of the handcuff up and down as he worked.

"Why don't you just unlock the f**kers?" asked Brian Gamble. Fettered to the headboard for nearly 48 hours, his mood ricocheted between resignation and fury.

"Can't do it," Street answered, shaking his head and moving to the other arm.

"It doesn't bother a straight-arrow like you that you're breaking a string of laws here, including kidnapping, assault and sodomy?"

Street paused for a minute in his ministrations. "There's no law against securing your own property. And I'm taking good care of you. You're probably getting more rest and nourishment than you have since you left 'S.W.A.T.'"

Gamble groaned. "Jimbo, I think you've officially lost it."

Not answering, Street sat down on the bed and started to stroke Gamble's muscled chest. "Are you okay?" he asked. "Do you need your diaper changed?"

"F**k you, Jimmy!"

Street lowered his face to Gamble's chest, rubbing his stubble and muffling his answer against naked skin.

"How long do you plan on keeping me here?" Gamble asked.

Sitting up, Street sighed and shrugged. "As long as it takes."

= = = = = = = = = =

Title: "Consummate Bond" (200 words)

Tears crawled down Brian Gamble's flushed cheeks, and he was unable to wipe them away with hands still cuffed to the head of his bed.

"Did I hurt you?" Jim Street asked in a husky voice. "I swear to God I didn't mean to."

Gamble's breath caught, his quaking chest leveling out as he slowly regained control. His light eyes stared up at the ceiling as he refused to meet the intense stare of his former partner.

"Maybe I am f**king insane," Street said, "keeping you like this." Squatting on the mattress on his haunches, he suppressed a shudder, a nearby fan already chilling his damp skin. Gamble's response was muttered so softly, Street couldn't make it out. He leaned close.

"What did you say, Brian?"

"It didn't hurt. Not like the first time," Gamble replied. "I almost said, 'please don't,' when you started." He paused, then gave a great sigh. "Jimbo, I'm glad I didn't."

Street's expression softened, and he lowered his face to Gamble's sticky belly and nestled it against the precious, flaccid c*** curled there. "That's what I almost said in the locker room, when I knew you were leaving me," he whispered.

"I'm sorry I didn't."

= = = = = = = = = =

Title: "Bellyache" (100 words)

"You want some powder on your ass?"

Jim Street's tongue peeked out between taut lips as he carefully folded up the soiled diaper he had just removed from his former partner, Brian Gamble. Gamble, tethered to his bed with handcuffs, was muttering something about a stomach ache.

"F**k you, Jimbo! How can you treat me like a baby after everything we went through together?"

Street leveled dark eyes on Gamble. "It's easy. You are my baby."

"Jesus, Jimmy. It hurts!"

"What hurts, Bri? Your gut? Your wrists? Your hole?"

Gamble swallowed and groaned. "No, mother-f***er," he finally said.

"My heart."

= = = = = = = = = =

Title: "Top Gun" (100 words)

Brian Gamble rubbed his raw wrists, avoiding the scrutiny of his former partner and recent captor.

"You're not such a maverick anymore," Jim Street said, tossing the handcuffs aside and turning away.

Gamble raised his head, a spark behind his eyes. "Wha?"

"You heard me," Street said. "I'm top now."

"You're top? Top Dog?"

"Top Gun."

Grunting, Gamble suddenly tackled Street's back. Hot breath seared Street's neck and earlobe as Gamble hissed, "Let's see if you can be such an iceman when you're the one getting f**ked, Jimmy!"

Then Gamble smiled for the first time in hours.

"It's my turn."

= = = = = = = = = =

November 2007
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Our anniversary was wonderful. Jim is such a perfect husband. I mean it.

And Lindsay is such a great friend. I don't know what we'd do without her. More specifically, I don't know what I WOULD DO WITHOUT HER. (LOL.) Lindsay is truly my best friend.

Hey, I'm still really working on her to get a LiveJournal account. I think that maybe if she were here, I'd be more interested in blogging again. (And seeing as we already take of the house, kids and our outside activities together, we could figure out some kind of balancing act for LJ. Right? LOL.)

Jimmy wrote me a very cool fanfic , featuring William Wallace slashed with The Bruce, from the movie "Braveheart." (It's a pairing I really love.) The two characters in this movie are (loosely) based on men out of history, by the way. Wasn't that a great anniversary present???

My present for him was to try and add more of his fic to our website. I managed to do the following ten pages:Collapse )

Jimbo's such a prolific writer (and I'm always so busy) that I never seem able to keep up with all the things I need to add. So those ten pages are only the tip of the iceberg. And I'd really love to have all Jim's stuff up!!! I mean, that's what we have our website for, to share the fanfics.

Hell, let's face it. I just never got that involved with our website. I always planned to. And I still think it's a very cool idea, but it takes a long time to code and I'm pretty lousy at web design and CSS and even at web grapics. So if you happen to be a fan of Jimmy's writing, then you should be sure to friend his fic journal: jimbo_fic

This is another one of those things I'm always sure I'll get around to... oh, one of these days. LOL. Yeah, right.

And here I am again, thinking I'll get back to blogging. I did it when there was Chad to care for. I did it after Katie Scarlett came. I mean, it's just not that different having the baby around. And Chad's a huge help, now that he's seven. (I could go on and on about my oldest son, believe me.) Plus I've got Lindsay, like I said.

Jim's the perfect hubby and daddy, too. A guy couldn't ask for more. (Even if I frequently do. You know how that goes.)

This is long enough. And the 'king' (as we frequently call Henry) is screaming for me, so I've got to dash for now.

Hopefully my next entry will include a longer list of fanfic adds and other interesting news, too.


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Yeah, you heard that right. MySpace is CRAZY!!!

First off, I find it pretty amusing that I get the following ad there...

gay ad

ETA: I forgot to mention that the original image is animated. (Might be flash, actually. I don't remember...)

OK, so that explains why they want to know our 'Orientation,' I guess. (But do they also check out our 'Status,' or what?)

Well, I've had the freaking account there for ages. (I don't even remember WHY I made the account -- or how long ago I did it. But we're talking over a year, I think.

Sure, sure -- THAT was the really CRAZY part!!! LOL. What was I thinking???

So I decide to make my profile PUBLIC yesterday. Next thing I know I'm getting a message from some woman (the photo probably isn't her, but it was mostly undressed and very shapely).

Hell, here's her (supposed) photo for those interested:
amber at ms

So she's telling me about some dating site. Anyway, here's what she said in her message:

Hey there Im Amber and I decided to message you because your profile caught my eye as someone I would like to get to know better!! I recently signed up on a new and far more provocative dating site! You can find my profile here here, under the name of sexyamberwantstoplay. I try to stay away from using myspace because it is very restrictive and too much spam. Thanks!

And here's what I said back to her:

Thanks for writing.

For the record, I'm GAY and MARRIED (with a new baby due to be born any day now). Oh, the new kid will make THREE -- we already have a boy and a girl.

So I'm not much into dating, frankly. And if I were, I don't think you'd be the type of person I'd want to date... LOL. No offense!


So you did actually read my profile???

And you still sent this message?

OK then...


Yeah, I was sort of polite -- and sort of snarky. I was kind of pressed to decide how to respond... LOL.

Of course, checking her MySpace profile, I find out she probably won't read replies anyway. So she must just go around spamming people with this shit like mad...

Man, I'm glad that sort of crap doesn't happen here at LJ! I'm just not used to the crazy shit that goes on at MySpace.

And you know what?

I don't think I want to get used to it, either!

What was I thinking when I made an account there??? Jeez.

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Jimmy just_jimbo and I are really into the new Showtime series "The Tudors"! So we've started four (no shit, I mean four) new communities that focus on it. And we'd love, love, love for our friends to come and play there with us! LOL.


So I've been making banners and icons and whatever else. And setting up each of the communities so we'd be 'ready to go' when the series premiered tonight! Exciting, huh?

Now I want to write some fanfic! I've got a million ideas, but haven't tried any of them, yet. LOL.

Anyway, it's fun to have something new to be involved with.

The baby should come any day, by the way. So we're really going to have our hands full soon! Or more full, I guess.

Chad and Katie Scarlett are doing great, as is Lindsay, for those who are curious. Life is terrific, if hectic. LOL.

Love to all of you,


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Guess what?

I fixed my style sheet for Gamble-Street.Com!!!

The mistake wasn't in the line that kept coming up as 'wrong.' It was in the previous line, where I'd neglected to close with the } (idiot me). You know, it's easy to miss something like that. I know they always warn you about not putting in the ;, but I can't believe I missed the }! Jeez.

So now I need to EDIT every single page (again) and add the CSS validation thing.


Yeah, I'm proud, proud, proud, proud.

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I've been working on it and I'm finally ready to tell my friends here at LJ!!!

Jim just_jimbo and I have a new website!

PLEASE visit the Gamble-Street website!
Clicking this banner will take you there, if you want to check it out.

Yeah, it's replacing the free little site we had at Geocities...

Isn't that cool news??? I'm just excited as can be. I really am!

So the rest of this entry will be me carrying on about all the work I did to get it ready for public consumption. LOL. And as I assume everyone will be bored as hell, I'll even cut it. OK? OK. LOL.

Boring You With Website StuffCollapse )

So the big thing now is to keep adding all the fanfic that never got uploaded in the first place! Of course, that means sitting here and coding all of it, but that's no big deal.

Jimmy's written a ton of stuff that he has up at jimbo_fic, but that I never put at the 'old' website. So far today I've coded and uploaded the following:

Star Wars:
Liquid Lesson

Minority Report:

King Arthur:
How Could You?
Woman Liberated
Your First, Your Last

But there are TONS more to go! I need to keep it up -- and then update the website news to reflect it...

I'm really on a mission, anyway. LOL.

(Why am I having such a difficult time using LJ today? Man.)


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Yeah, yeah -- I'm back! Aren't you glad? LOL.

Well, I'm all excited about my news, but I'm saving it for a separate entry. And, no, the baby isn't here yet! Soon, though.

Happy dance!

All is really, really well with my family. I'm ready to finally make a go of blogging more often. (Which some might recall was a New Year's resolution of mine. Right. That so happened during January, February and most of this month.

But I think I said something about doing more of what I did back in 2005. Isn't that right? (I'm too lazy to check.) And I didn't even START my blog until April of '05, so I've got lots of time to do as well as I did that year!

OK, OK, I'm crazy. Tell me about it!

I also want to write fanfic, get active with communities, do some PSP tutorials again, make some new icons and on and on. Hell, why not? I used to really have FUN here at LJ!

So, on with the show, or something.


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Happy New Year to my entire flist (and anyone else who drops by, too).

Have to say it, so sorry...Collapse )

Man. This is going to be an even better year than 2006, which was fantastic, I think. With a new baby on the way, we're pretty excited and upbeat around here!

I plan to share a lot of humor in 2007. So I'll start with my 'gay and straight' political humor photo post, which you can view under the cut. Cool?

Gay and Strait?Collapse )

I hope this is a great year for all of you!

Sending lots of hugs and love your way,


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I'd write a longer entry, but see Jimmy just_jimbo has been waiting for me to go to bed and he's impatient as hell right now. Poor guy. LOL.

But I just got done playing Slingo with MM mistressmarilyn and her sister, Suzy. I even won the tournament and got the new high score. And I didn't even know I was playing in the tournament. LOL. Yeah, I don't play there very often, but it's fun, anyway.

2006 has been a great year for me! And I think 2007 will be an even better one. I really do!

My resolution for 2007 is to start to blog again. I mean, to really blog like I used to, back in 2005.

I've been pretty bad about it this past year, but I do love LJ and really want to be active here again. So that's what I'm going to do -- make it a resolution and try to stick to that!

I'm so out of it here now. But that can change! I can catch up with all my friends again. Look how well Jim does, after all.

Well, time for bed!

Oh. And I need to make a ton of new icons, too. I'm bored with many of my old ones. And so is Jimmy.



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November 25 was our anniversary. And Jimmy just_jimbo gave me a wonderful surprise gift! I'll go into more detail soon, but we're finally headed to bed now... (About time, Jim!)

Jim has been writing and posting a bunch of drabbles (and other fanfic) recently that I need to share links to. He's such a great writer. Man.

Maybe one of these days when I'm not all wrapped up in Lindsay and her pregnancy, Chad and Katie Scarlett I'll finally write some more fanfics, too...

Maybe I'll update our Geocities website, too.

Maybe I'll write more tutorials for the PSP communities.

Maybe pigs will fly, too. LOL.

I hope all of my friends are great, by the way...

(Love you!)

Bri (who is glad we're getting to bed at long last!)

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Yeah, it was a great day at our house.

And the morning started off so cool, with the whole family packed into bed together watching the Macy's parade on tv. LOL. Chad was so excited I thought he'd wet himself. And he and I sang along with Laurie and the gang, while Jimmy just_jimbo bounced Katie up and down. (Which was amazing considering Jim kept drifting off during most of the parade. ROFL.)

I love Thanksgiving. I really do. Dinner turned out great. I'm now one of the best turkey, gravy and dressing guys around -- even if my mashed potatoes were a bit lumpy. LOL.

And so to all my friends I'm wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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