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"Bonded" by Jimbo
Pairing: Gamble/Street (Jeremy Renner, Colin Farrell)
Warnings: A little nasty. Slash, bondage.

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Title: "Tether Ball" (200 words)

With a deft move Jim Street fastened the cuff around his ex-partner's left wrist; when the confused Gamble looked over and tried to protest, he found his right arm equally encumbered.


Street smiled grimly, watching Brian Gamble struggle to shake off sleep. "Here's the rules, starting with the things you can do."

The two sets of handcuffs fastened to the head of Gamble's bed held his muscular arms wide, posed like a naked gymnast. He seemed to only half-listen to Street as he tested their strength.

Impatient, Street continued. "You can sit up, if you try. You can probably manage to scratch your nose. You can take a p*** or a s***, if you don't mind lying in it."

Street stretched out next to Gamble. "If you want to eat or drink, you'll have to ask." He trailed his hand down a ridge of hipbone and nestled his fingertips in the mossy lawn above Gamble's inert c***. "If you want anything else, you have to beg."

"You're f**king kidding me," Gamble said, finally recognizing the seriousness of the situation.

"And here's what you can't do."

Gamble took a deep breath. "What's that, Jimbo?"

"Ever walk out on me again."

= = = = = = = = = =

Title: "Force of Nature" (100 words)

"You can't keep me like this, Jimbo."

Brian Gamble's tone was wheedling. His arms were aching, and the skin around his wrists was raw from straining against the handcuffs that had him tethered to the bed.

His former partner didn't respond. He sat across the room, feet up, chewing gum as he stared darkly at Gamble. What the f**k is he thinking, Gamble wondered, still shocked at finding himself held captive by S.W.A.T.'s straight-shooter, Jim Street.

"What do you plan to do now?" Gamble asked, wincing at a sudden pang from his equally raw anus.

Street smiled. "Take my time."

= = = = = = = = = =

Title: "There's the Rub" (100 words)

"I've got a cramp in my leg, Jimbo. Jesus, it's killing me!"

A naked Jim Street crouched on the damp mattress and kneaded the bulging quadricep, trying to ease the painful muscle spasm. He knew his ex-partner wasn't one to complain needlessly. Brian Gamble had always been fearless and stoic about everything, except, of course, going to the dentist.

"That's one hell of a kink you got there," Street said, still working on the leg.

Gamble craned his neck and looked pointedly at the handcuffs tethering him to the bed.

"I guess I could say the same for you, brother."

= = = = = = = = = =

Title: "Indefinite" (200 words)

"You're getting chafed," Jim Street said as he massaged cream into his former partner's wrist, sliding the bracelet of the handcuff up and down as he worked.

"Why don't you just unlock the f**kers?" asked Brian Gamble. Fettered to the headboard for nearly 48 hours, his mood ricocheted between resignation and fury.

"Can't do it," Street answered, shaking his head and moving to the other arm.

"It doesn't bother a straight-arrow like you that you're breaking a string of laws here, including kidnapping, assault and sodomy?"

Street paused for a minute in his ministrations. "There's no law against securing your own property. And I'm taking good care of you. You're probably getting more rest and nourishment than you have since you left 'S.W.A.T.'"

Gamble groaned. "Jimbo, I think you've officially lost it."

Not answering, Street sat down on the bed and started to stroke Gamble's muscled chest. "Are you okay?" he asked. "Do you need your diaper changed?"

"F**k you, Jimmy!"

Street lowered his face to Gamble's chest, rubbing his stubble and muffling his answer against naked skin.

"How long do you plan on keeping me here?" Gamble asked.

Sitting up, Street sighed and shrugged. "As long as it takes."

= = = = = = = = = =

Title: "Consummate Bond" (200 words)

Tears crawled down Brian Gamble's flushed cheeks, and he was unable to wipe them away with hands still cuffed to the head of his bed.

"Did I hurt you?" Jim Street asked in a husky voice. "I swear to God I didn't mean to."

Gamble's breath caught, his quaking chest leveling out as he slowly regained control. His light eyes stared up at the ceiling as he refused to meet the intense stare of his former partner.

"Maybe I am f**king insane," Street said, "keeping you like this." Squatting on the mattress on his haunches, he suppressed a shudder, a nearby fan already chilling his damp skin. Gamble's response was muttered so softly, Street couldn't make it out. He leaned close.

"What did you say, Brian?"

"It didn't hurt. Not like the first time," Gamble replied. "I almost said, 'please don't,' when you started." He paused, then gave a great sigh. "Jimbo, I'm glad I didn't."

Street's expression softened, and he lowered his face to Gamble's sticky belly and nestled it against the precious, flaccid c*** curled there. "That's what I almost said in the locker room, when I knew you were leaving me," he whispered.

"I'm sorry I didn't."

= = = = = = = = = =

Title: "Bellyache" (100 words)

"You want some powder on your ass?"

Jim Street's tongue peeked out between taut lips as he carefully folded up the soiled diaper he had just removed from his former partner, Brian Gamble. Gamble, tethered to his bed with handcuffs, was muttering something about a stomach ache.

"F**k you, Jimbo! How can you treat me like a baby after everything we went through together?"

Street leveled dark eyes on Gamble. "It's easy. You are my baby."

"Jesus, Jimmy. It hurts!"

"What hurts, Bri? Your gut? Your wrists? Your hole?"

Gamble swallowed and groaned. "No, mother-f***er," he finally said.

"My heart."

= = = = = = = = = =

Title: "Top Gun" (100 words)

Brian Gamble rubbed his raw wrists, avoiding the scrutiny of his former partner and recent captor.

"You're not such a maverick anymore," Jim Street said, tossing the handcuffs aside and turning away.

Gamble raised his head, a spark behind his eyes. "Wha?"

"You heard me," Street said. "I'm top now."

"You're top? Top Dog?"

"Top Gun."

Grunting, Gamble suddenly tackled Street's back. Hot breath seared Street's neck and earlobe as Gamble hissed, "Let's see if you can be such an iceman when you're the one getting f**ked, Jimmy!"

Then Gamble smiled for the first time in hours.

"It's my turn."

= = = = = = = = = =

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Are we excited about this at my house? You're damn right we are! LOL.

Laurie Berkner Band

The Laurie Berkner Band
with Susie Lampert and Adam Bernstein
is going to be on the Fisher-Price float in this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! (Thursday, November 23, 2006 -- Thanksgiving Day)

The parade starts at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 12:00 noon.
You can watch in your own home on NBC.

The Fisher-Price float should be near the beginning of the parade, scheduled to arrive at
Macy's Herald Square at approximately 10:11 a.m. (Subject to change.)

Laurie and the band will be singing Bumblebee (Buzz Buzz).

ETA: Visit the official Macy's Parade website.

Current Mood: excitedexcited

A friend shared a link to the following blog entry with me. Interesting, isn't it?

Please read on!Collapse )

Yeah, there's no question that America is behind what's happening in several other nations. But I guess there's hope for the future and gay relationships... So I'll keep smiling. LOL.

In other news, Chad is totally hung up on the Star Wars movies! It's so cute! And Jimmy and I love them, too, so it's no problem that he wants to watch them over and over and over again.

I guess Jim just_jimbo and I need some Star Wars icons now. LOL.

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So Charlie charliemc wrote me to say that I'd never posted my DESATURATION tutorial for psp7_beginners.

I thought she was wrong, but then I checked and found out she was right! I'd started it, but it was so different than the one I'd done for both psp8_fun and psp9_fun that I just never kept at it.

Anyway, I finished it and posted it today, finally. LOL.


It was a lot of work. Or it seemed like a lot of work. Maybe because I was really, really distracted when I was trying to do it.

I know I should do more tutorials. And I used to love to do them, too. But I just don't seem to have the interest as much anymore.

Oh well, WTF. That's how it goes!

ETA: LJ just fucked up my times in my recent post, putting it into tomorrow in the middle of the night. Then it screwed up this one because it said I was trying to post an earlier entry. How messed up is that???


Current Mood: busybusy

You know, Lance's bf is a hunk. (Lance Bass, that is.) LOL.

And they do make a cute couple...

article -- "Lance Bass Beau: Sex Assault in Military for Being Gay"Collapse )

Plus I need to share some other (hot) photos of that guy for anyone who doesn't know what he looks like! LOL. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeew! Scorching.

I have a whole batch of them that you can see by going to my LJ scrapbook.


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So considering we're headed toward Halloween, I thought I'd share this link to a site called Scare Factory. This takes you to the scary furniture they've built and have for sale.

Are they really telling me that I need to spend over a grand to scare people???


That's insane. Not insane as in mad-murderer-in-Halloween-movie insane. Just plain old crazy! LOL. I mean, can't it be done for less?

I guess most places that need someone to jump out of a closet or whatever will just have to get volunteer helpers -- or fork out bucks to hire somebody.

Do people actually buy this stuff, though?

I'm never going to know, as Chad is too easily frightened to be taken to any scary haunted house or whatever...


Current Mood: curiouscurious

Yeah, I did change my settings so I'd get LJ News (from news) in my email.

No. I really don't need to get it three times.

LJ has no bugs, though. Isn't that what people have been telling me since the first of this year?



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Today is National Coming Out Day.

In honor of the day, I created a banner...
National Coming Out Day

The full-sized version is here under the cut.Collapse )

A good day for celebrating, I think...


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They played our favorite Chip Skylark episode on "Fairly Oddparents" this morning!!! Mainly because we love the song, of course. LOL.

For the record, the ep is titled: "Shiny Teeth."

So, if you missed me sharing my love of pop star Chip Skylark previously, then you'll want to go behind the cut and view this music vid -- pronto!


"My Shiny Teeth And Me (Shiny Teeth)" by Chip SkylarkCollapse )

Man. I just love that song!


Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: My Shiny Teeth and Me (Shiny Teeth)

OK. So it may sound crazy. But I'm a fan!!!


And of course the kids are, too. You should see my baby bounce and Chad dance when the song "My Shiny Teeth and Me (Shiny Teeth) is playing!

So if you're one of those unfortunate few who don't know pop star Chip Skylark??? For shame! LOL. I guess I'll have to share his music video under the cut... (And because I love this song!!! ROFL.)

"My Shiny Teeth And Me (Shiny Teeth)" by Chip SkylarkCollapse )

LYRICS for "My Shiny Teeth And Me (Shiny Teeth)" as sung by Chip SkylarkCollapse )
So, Chip's full name is Chippington Skylark III -- and you can read more about him here at Wikipedia. I mean, come on -- you want to be informed fans, right? LOL.

I plan on singing this song for the rest of the day. (I don't think I could get it out of my head at this point even if I wanted to, anyway!) Trust me. Jim will be cursing the name of Chip Skylark by the time I quit singing and humming the song... (This happens all the time with the two of us, by the way. I'm always singing something over and over until Jimmy is crazed!)


And for you parents, this is a great message song, too! (Wouldn't hurt if everyone got the message, though, for that matter!)


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Current Music: My Shiny Teeth and Me (Shiny Teeth)

The Laurie Berkner Band

Don't miss 'em! They'll be on tomorrow (Saturday, August 26) for a brief performance.

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