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17 December
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Just for the record, I'm in my 30's -- so, yeah, I'm 'legal' as hell. LOL.

You've probably guessed that I'm a big "S.W.A.T." (the 2003 movie) fan. Terrific -- you guessed right! LOL.

My name is Brian, but obviously NOT Gamble. LOL. But I've used it enough online (and even off), that I get both email (and even mail) addressed to 'Brian Gamble.' ROFL. Hey, the name must be partly mine, right? (You probably have no idea how cool I think that is. Yeah, so gay, as Jimmy would say.)

In fact, my 'significant other' (whom I refer to as my husband) is named Jim, so guess what name he likes to use? (Did you guess Jim Street? Then you hit the nail on the head!) OK, so I have to ammend that! He finally changed his LJ name (see it below).

Besides being "S.W.A.T." fans, Jim and I are into slash fic -- both reading and writing it.

PLEASE visit the Gamble-Street website!

Yeah, we've got our own website. We got it in July 2005. (It still needs a ton of work, but I seem to mostly be to busy to mess with it. Oh well.) Actually, Jim and I are kind of into the website thing. We've got more than one of them I fool around with. But as I said, usually I'm too busy to ever do much. LOL.

He's all mine...

(Lucky me.)

You know, way back when I practically had to twist Jim's arm to get him active online. But as time passed, he's been the one who stayed active here at LiveJournal. Still, we've discovered there are a lot of places to play, and we both manage to have a good cyber time. LOL.

Ages ago were were both involved with a joint project (that's supposed to be ongoing) to develop a fandom definitions list. Yeah, there are quite a few other versions floating around on the internet, but we were looking for something that could be used at various Yahoo! groups that we moderate. Anyway, it was an interesting process!

I still like being involved in communities -- when I can find time to be online! (These include several, listed below...)

I think you can tell my hubby and I like interacting with people, both on and off line.

Jim and I have three kids now -- and we adore them.

Chad turned seven on July 1, 2007. (Wow, how the time flies.)

Our daughter, Katie Scarlett, turned two on June 30, 2007.

Baby Henry was born on April 15, 2007 (yes, this year). So things remain warm, wonderful and exciting at our home. And this probably explains why I don't get to LJ all that much these days. LOL.

We've got great friends, on and off line! We're blessed in more ways than I can ever list. (And I'm always trying, believe me.)

Life is good. We work hard, we play hard, we hang out, we bond with each other and our friends. It's good to be alive.

(It was about time I finally updated this!)


November, 2007

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